Sunday, September 14, 2008

Strawberry Shortcake

You know when you go to the fair that you get dessert and every other food out there that is not good for you... right? That's right! When we went to the fair on Saturday 9-13-08 (We go to the Puyallup {that's a name of a city here in WA} Fair here in Western Washington for anyone who is familiar with that particular fair), I had to have my strawberry shortcake since that is my fair food of choice right after hand dipped corndogs, roasted corn on the cob, and funnel cakes and of course cotton candy or caramel apples. Of course, in this picture here; I had to get 2 spoons since my 3 yr old daughter and me were sharing this delightful treat while my husband was taking my older daughter on rides. Who do you think ate more? Vanessa, of course.. she always does! That's ok, though, it's like our tradition now I guess.

Here I am going for the shortcake, this time around. A couple tips I use for my own shortcake is this:

1. When you make homemade biscuits, add 2 Tbsp sugar to the flour mixture. Then sprinkle a little sugar on the biscuits before baking. That is why they are called dessert biscuits, because you add sugar.

2. Always use fresh fruit; I have found using frozen fruit is a recipe for soggy shortcake since when it is frozen it retains moisture, and when it thaws you have lots more moisture which will make your cake soggy. Yuck, I do not like soggy shortcake.

3. Last tip is use fresh whipping cream and lots of it. I am a prime believer that Strawberry Shortcake must have loads of whip cream (but then again I love whip cream, to me it's what makes the dessert world go round)

Also, other fruits that can be used is any berries or peaches is our next favorites after strawberries. Shortcake is equally good with other types of fruit, I just prefer strawberries. For another kicked up notch, try drizzling some chocolate syrup on your shortcake, it adds more pizazz! Everyone loves pizazz, right?


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Anonymous said...

Oh! My! My! My! I wasn't hungry until I got to this blog.. Wow. I love the recipes in this place. The ice-cream sandwiches, strawberry shortcake, Pickled Beets.. yummmmmmm!

Anonymous said...

I love your tip about adding the sugar to your flour when making the biscuits. I've made my grandmother's shortbread recipe for 25 years or more and it doesn't call for sugar, but I've always added my own couple tablespoons of sugar. It makes all the difference in the world. Thanks for a great blog!

Enjoy your day,