Friday, September 5, 2008

Make Your Own Zest

You know those recipes that call for lemon or orange zest? And, so you know how expensive that can be at the store. Well don't buy your zest at the store anymore, make it yourself. You can buy a Lemon Zester at my store, or at any kitchen store that sells tons of gadgets. I especially like the Oxo brand. It holds up great to any type of kitchen abuse it may receive. With an ergonomic handle, that makes it easier to hold onto effectively as it does not slip out of the hand. It is a brand that is not outrageously expensive, but it is great quality. This is the zester I personally have at home and I highly recommend it.

Photobucketlemon zester

When you need some lemon or orange zest in your recipes, all you have to do is go buy a lemon or orange from the produce section at the store (or any local farmer's market) and take the tool and start scraping away at the peel. It zests your fruit easily and this homemade zest tastes better than store bought stuff any day of the week, because it is fresh rather than from a jar. You can have zest for pennies per serving doing it this way.

With this tool, you can also make fancy garnish decorations using orange, lemon, or lime peel making curly-Qs that go well in drinks, or garnish for an elegant meal. In peeling mode, it can even peel chocolate curly-Qs from a regular chocolate bar, I have garnished many a dessert with this tool.

The benefits are it cost way less, the food will taste better since fresh zest has better flavor, and there are no preservatives added such as what some commercial spice companies use to make it last a long time. That's what I like!


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