Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Peeling Apples is a Breeze

Recently, I finally went and purchased a new apple peeler (since the one I have had for quite a few years finally went belly up and went to the big peeler heaven for all good peelers). Let me tell you, every kitchen should have one of these babies! I absolutely love it! It peels apples like a champ, and cores them at the same time. My kiddos love it when I use this to peel their apples, core them, and slice them at the same time.

What is really nice is that the base just uses suction to stay on the counter; with the little lever on the base, just slide it to the side and the peeler stays right in place. Believe me, it works really well. Then to take it off the counter to wash it, just move the lever back to the other side and it comes right up. *Always wash your peeler with just good old soap and water to keep it like new for many years.*

How you do this is so easy.

First, place the apple (or potato, or pear, or whatever needs peeling)into the apple peeler and then get it lined up with the corer (if you want the core out or put the core cutter down if you do not want to core something, such as potatoes that just need peeling).

Then, you just crank the handle (it almost cranks by itself, it goes so easy and quick with almost no effort at all) and it peels the apple while pushing it through the corer. What could be easier?!

Then, just pull off the peeled and cored apple. My kids love to eat their apples this way because it comes off in a spiral shape (especially my 3 yr old loves her apples this way because it is fun to eat).

Last, you just pull off the core and throw it away or compost it (if that is what you do with kitchen scraps).

This apple peeler will come in very handy when I make my applesauce, apple butter, and peel and can apple slices for pies and other desserts. I am also looking forward to taking about 10 lbs of apples to make dehydrated apple slices for the kids, since they love things like that in their lunches or snacks. (dehydrated fruits is another post entirely and coming soon, just keep checking back) I am getting 3 boxes of apples this weekend (that is 75 lbs of apples, a lot of apples to have to peel). And, I can have the kids turn the crank for me since they think that is a lot of fun!

Try it also on potatoes, pears, and whatever else you think you can peel with it. My motto goes something like this: If in doubt, try it anyway; because you never know what you can do until you try!


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