Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ice Cream Sandwiches

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You know you love Ice Cream Sandwiches. I do too. This way you can always have Ice Cream Sandwiches and save money too. They are expensive to buy at the store and I love the ice cream sandwiches with chocolate chip cookies; so, I make them myself.

All you need to do is make a batch of your favorite chocolate chip cookies (I use the Nestle Tollhouse Cookie Recipe); and make them bigger so they hold the ice cream well. Let them cool off and then use your favorite ice cream. Traditionally, ice cream sandwiches are made with vanilla. But, when you make your own, you can use any flavor you want. Sometimes I use chocolate ice cream (only because I love anything chocolate) with chocolate chip cookies. If you make a great fudge cookie, use chocolate ice cream to make it extra decadent.

Just put together a bottom cookie (not to crisp because you do not want it to crumble, and not too soft because you do not want it to fall apart), put a generous scoop of ice cream on the bottom cookie, then place the top cookie on and squish it down a bit to make it stick. Place in a sandwich size freezer bag and just put in the freezer for a cool treat later. You can make ahead a few or as many as you like, much cheaper to make them yourself than buying them; and they taste better!

Kids can put together their own creation for dessert or you can have a ice cream sandwich party with kids and offer different choices for them to create ice cream sandwiches for themselves. It is a nice sweet way to spend some quality time with the kids in the evening after dinner because they love to do things like this all the time. Or, if it is on a weekend, recruit them to help make the cookies and then help to the work so they can have the sweet reward at the end. Me and my kiddos do it quite often because it is fun to have them in the kitchen with me and we get quality time that we need very often. Have fun with it!


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Unknown said...

So glad I found your website on Linkreferral. It sure looks yummy! I only have a few recipes on my blog, but I love to cook to and I'll be back to look over your site more. Thanks for sharing!

Sarah Enriquez said...

Wow! These look so good. By the way, thanks for commenting on my post. I'm looking forward to your mom's recipe so that I could post it as soon as possible.