Friday, September 19, 2008

Fun With Cakes (Part 4)

Are we still having fun with cakes? I figured I would spread out the tips so cakes do not get old. While we are still on the subject of candy clay... I want to show a picture of a cake I did for another friend's baby's first birthday. Their whole family is Atlanta Falcons fans (not my choice but it wasn't my choice of cake LOL I go for the Seahawks, and am going to look at trying to do one of those for a football party of some sort, will take some planning though.)

Anyway, with this cake, I made 3 sheet cakes; 2 for layers and one to cut for pieces to put together a football jersey cake with Atlanta Falcon colors. I did this right down to the Falcons logo on the sleeves, I used my friend's actual jersey as a model. It was a fun cake to make, except the headache of trying to make the pieces I had cut for sleeves stick with the whole cake. You can tell it wasn't professionally done LOL I had a few mistakes, but the family still loved it anyway (well they had to love it, I didn't have much time to throw it together and they got it for free since they are dear friends, despite their football choice.)

With this cake and cutting of the pieces of the sleeve logo, every single small piece had to be cut just right for it to go together. Each of those Falcon logos has about 20 pieces to it pasted together with royal icing (which is like cake decorator glue) I used Candy Clay (you can find it at any craft store or stores that carry a wide variety of cake decorating supplies) and the color scheme for this was Over the Hill since I needed black and white, and then tinted some of the white into red with cake decorating paints (which again, you can get at any craft store or store that sells cake decorating supplies).

When you roll this stuff make sure you use a little cornstarch to make it so you can roll out the candy clay. To cut this particular design, I had to cut it all freehand piece by piece. I printed out a design for the shape and size and then outlined it on the sleeve where it should go and then constructed it piece by piece. Each logo took me about 2 hours each to cut and put together,it was very detailed indeed.

It ended up being enough cake to feed about 40 people which was about how many there were at the party and everyone loved it! It was fun to make but next time I need more time to plan a little better to avoid some of the mishaps and mistakes that this cake contains. Definitely not my best work!


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Anonymous said...

That is a cute Cake! My little cousin would love that cake, of course it would have to be done for his school baseball team instead.