Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Food Saver Vacuum Sealer Saves Money

Saving money is a big thing for me. Therefore, I use a vacuum sealer for food I buy in bulk for the freezer, especially meat. I have a Food Saver Vacuum Sealer and it is worth it's weight in gold. You can vacuum seal your food in bags or canisters to elongate it's shelf life. When you freeze meat and other foods in food saver bags; it doesn't get freezer burnt and keeps a lot longer than if you just put the food in Ziplock bags.

You can save about 10-50 cents a pound when you buy bulk meats or vegetables and then freeze them in Food Saver bags. This will eliminate some trips to the store since you already have a good supply of these things in the freezer (or deep freeze chest freezer).

With the dry canisters, you can seal in flour, sugar, other dry ingredients to keep the shelf life on those things longer. Sealed dry ingredients will ensure that mice, boll weevils, and other critters are not going to get into your food in the pantry. Additionally, it is just as easy to reseal it as it is to seal it. Not a long chore that it used to be to preserve food.

There are also other vacuum sealers on the market that might be less in cost to the Food Saver and some (such as Rival brand) are just as good, just lower cost. But, I like the Food Saver because I can always find replacement bag rolls for them. I do not see too many other vacuum sealer brands out there in the stores that sell their replacement bag rolls or that have canisters to go along with the vacuum sealer of other brands.


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