Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Teriyaki Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich

I promise these are the last photos from my old camera. But, this sandwich was really good! The kids really enjoyed it as a different treat for dinner, now to only find a soup that it will go really good with. We just had it with salad instead of soup.

If you have leftover ham; then you take pineapple and cheese put them in between 2 slices of bread, glaze with teriyaki sauce and walah! You have a Teriyaki Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich.

If you need to refer back to how to make the teriyaki glaze, Click Here and just scroll a tiny bit down for the recipe for Teriyaki Sauce.

Here is what it looked like before adding the final slice of bread:

The final product; Teriyaki Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich:

What I used:
leftover spiral sliced honey ham
pineapple slices cut into wedges
havarti cheese (you can also use cheddar, that is what my daughter wanted instead of havarti, I just like havarti because it melts easy and becomes really gooey with cheese)
leftover teriyaki glaze from shish kebabs
2 slices bread

Just build the sandwich, with bread spread with butter and down on grill (butter side down), then add the cheese; then the ham; glaze with teriyaki sauce; then add pineapple; and glaze with more teriyaki sauce; then one more slice cheese; then slice of bread; spread with butter and put on griddle and cook until golden brown and cheese is melted.

Anyone have any ideas for a soup this will go with? Leave me a comment with your ideas!

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MaryBeth said...

I love all things grilled cheese so this is just fabulous. I can't wait to go into North Portland and try the new restaurant called The Grilled Cheese Grill... The entire menu is made up of different kinds of grilled cheese sammies.

sj said...

yummy :)