Sunday, May 24, 2009

Topsy Turvy vs Homemade Upside Down Tomato Planter Week 4

This week I am a little late in my weekly Topsy Turvy vs Homemade video series. I have been working quite a bit and been very busy with work and the family. Also trying to figure out the video mode on my new camera, so hopefully this will turn out well.

So far we are into Week 4 of comparing upside down planters along with having a tomato in a pot growing the normal way. So far my observations are this:

- I still think the weight of the dirt on top of the Topsy Turvy plant is a concern to why it is not growing like the homemade planter is. They are watered the same times with the same amount.
- They are using the same fertilizer and the homemade tomato planter and the potted tomato are just taking off. The Topsy Turvy has not grown much although it is getting new leaves... finally.
- The potted tomato and the homemade upside down planter are both getting flowers on them for some tomatoes, the Topsy Turvy is not as it barely has any new growth.

Here is the 3 plants in photos taken yesterday 5-23-09:
The Homemade Planter

The Potted Tomato:

The Topsy Turvy Planter:

I also did the video like always since I got the video part of the camera figured out (which was the main reason I took the stills because as of yesterday, I still had not figured it out) and it was videoed today just about an hour or so ago (it is 8:45 pm right now as I am posting). The difference is pretty staggering with the Topsy Turvy and the other 2 tomatoes. Still makes me wonder how many tomatoes I will actually get from the Topsy Turvy, we will see. Enjoy the show!

We will see how this is doing next Sunday, so stay tuned in my journey of experimentation on this project!

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1 comment:

Angela said...

Hi there,
Such a cool comparison love the control plant too. I was just wondering how everything turned out, as I am going to make my own upside down planter. Just wanted to know how your homemade one fared against the regularly potted one.
Thanks so much!