Sunday, May 10, 2009

What a Great Mother's Day!

Just a fun post to share with you all what a fun Mother's Day I had with my husband and kids. They were pretty sweet today, aside from the neverending daily bickering my 2 daughters do. Sometimes it is a complete zoo at my house, but I would never trade them for anything and they are the light of my life.

Today, I was allowed to sleep in; it was nice! Then I had my coffee ready and Cooking Dad didn't drink all the flavored coffee creamer this time, that was really cool too!

Even though the day was overcast, cloudy, and almost rainy; it still didn't dampen the fact that we went to the Farmer's Market and a new produce stand (which I will be frequenting very often since their prices were the best I have seen).

Jay's Produce Stand (located right by my house) and for fellow Thurston County people (meaning people who live or visit here), this is the best place for great produce with such low prices. I spent a grand total of $8.48 and got this

Asparagus 99 cents/lb (I got about 1 lb)
Roma Tomatoes 99 cents/lb (got 4 tomatoes)
Zucchini 79 cents/lb (got 4 small zucchinis)
3 lb bag of red potatoes 99 cents
organic basil 1.49 for the bunch
green onions 50 cents a bunch
green pepper 59 cents each
Pink Lady apples 69 cents/lb
celery 89 cents per bunch

I would say I did awesome on my great food find. Since, I was trying not to spend a ton of money today, we passed on a bunch of things I could have gotten at very good prices also. Such as, navel oranges 49 cents/lb, head lettuce 59 cents each, the hugest globe artichokes I have ever seen (I would guess they were as big as a small cantaloupe...) they were $2.00 each, plus tons more great buys!

The place is Jay's Farm Stand and is located 3533 Mud Bay Road NW in Olympia WA. Their phone number is 360-489-0295. They take orders for large amounts of produce for canning when it is in season. I am definitely going to order about 30 lbs of asparagus for canning and pickling it in a couple weeks. They told me I could get wholesale prices on orders 25 lbs or more. That is a great deal since produce is getting so expensive to round off costs of trucking it in, but they are still keeping their prices low. They were packed with wall to wall people and the produce looked phenomenal.

Then, we went to the Farmer's Market and just walked around, and walked on the waterfront since the market is right by the bay on Southern most tip of Puget Sound. Even with the clouds it was still a nice day. Sad part is that we did not buy anything from Farmer's Market because their prices on produce is shocking. I love going there for plants and seafood though, but just was not in the market for plants or seafood today.

Pictures on the waterfront:
Me and my daughters, Nicole is 10 and Vanessa is 4

Then the pictures at the waterfront where this weekend was our annual Wooden Boat Festival, which showcases fancy wooden boats and has a street fair and market for this weekend. Lots of fun!

Unfortunately, we did not get a chance to get to the wooden boats before it started to rain and my youngest was acting up because she was cold since she brought no coat, she left it in the car. So we made our way back to the car. To go to Grandma's house for BBQ and that was fantastic! BBQ ribs, corn on the cob, a wonderful cauliflower casserole (of which I am going to make myself so I can blog it), and strawberry shortcake for dessert. I would have taken pictures all day today but I neglected to bring spare batteries (bad Bren...) and didn't get a chance to get some new ones. But, this day was awesome; I had my family, I didn't have to work, and I got to just spent time with them. Can't get much better than that!

Hope you and yours had a very Happy Mother's Day!!

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