Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Marinated Cucumber and Tomatoes

This is an interesting little dish that my daughters just love. It is very simple and easy to make. They could snack on these all the time. When my oldest daughter takes a bowl of them to school, kids look at her funny because she brought veggies for her lunch or snack. What a concept, a kid that eats her veggies! This works well with an abundance of tomatoes and cucumbers that you have in the garden. The kids raided Grandma's garden for the cucumbers and tomatoes that I used here. You can add onions to this also.

Marinated Cucumber and Tomatoes

2 cups vinegar
1 cup water
2 Tbsp sugar (if desired)
2 medium sized cucumbers, sliced
2 tomatoes (any variety, cut into wedges)

Mix together the vinegar, sugar, and water. Peel cucumbers and slice, then slice the tomatoes into wedges. Add sliced cucumbers and tomatoes. Marinate for at least a day. Then enjoy!

1. You can use a mix of plain white vinegar and apple cider vinegar or red wine vinegar for extra flavor.
2. You can omit the sugar if you want to. It just gives a little bit of sweetness against the tangy of the vinegar.


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Anonymous said...

I am SO excited that I found this blog!!!! I am bookmarking you!

Anonymous said...

This recipe sounds wonderful and easy which is very important to me. I will definitely try it. And, a good and healthy snack food, unlike the chips I'm eating right now. Love your blog.