Friday, October 3, 2008

The Cupcake Story

A couple weeks ago, I embarked on a project with my daughters because we wanted something sweet to eat. We chose to make up some cupcakes; I had bought a mix (gosh forbid, I did not make them homemade! Oh the shame! haha) initially for making cupcakes for a school function but I can always buy another mix (or make them homemade) the closer it gets to the school function.

I let them measure everything out and mix it themselves. Nessa filled the muffin tins with the paper liners, she is very proud of that as you can see here. She would not let anyone touch the cupcake liners and her famous phrase was "Back Off Jack!". She is a funny girl, I still cannot believe some of the comments that come out of her mouth.

Finally, when they were done baking and cooling, it was time to frost. Kids + Frosting = HUGE MESS;(sure wish I could snap pictures of the mess we had before it was cleaned up, I just thought of why I did not do that, I guess hindsight is 20/20) but it is an equation that was well worth the picture effort. They really enjoyed themselves; it was a great project for us for some great quality time and gave them a treat too. Other than Nessa's snide comments when anyone got too close to "her" cupcakes, it was a lot of fun. Except now I need to train them to clean up their mess... they still get Mom to do it!

This is Nessa licking the beaters, it is the fun part of baking.

Nicole loves to frost cupcakes.

Nessa ate more than she frosted, which goes with the territory with being 3 yrs old. This is how she normally eats cupcakes and these were so moist that we had a huge mess every time she wanted to eat a cupcake. Oh well, that is what happens with kiddos. Good thing they wash well.

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