Monday, October 13, 2008

How to Cut Up a Pineapple... Easily

Many people wonder when they buy a pineapple how to cut it. Sometimes it will just sit on the kitchen counter while they are wondering what to do with it now that they have it. Some people wait so long that it goes bad right on the counter, and then they are left still wondering how to cut up a pineapple so they can benefit from fresh pineapple in their dishes. Well, I just follow the directions that come with the pineapple and it is very easy. But what happens if the pineapple doesn't come with the little tag with the directions? Well, you just come here because I am going to tell you how to do it.

First off when choosing a pineapple, make sure it isn't too orange-yellow in color, you want one that is more green than orangy-yellow because that means that it may have already gone bad if you buy it when it is too ripe. Costco is a good place to go when you want one that is just right in ripeness. Ok the directions so you can quit staring at it sitting on the counter:

1. Twist off the top, do not cut it, you could lose some of the yummy flesh if you cut it down too much. It should twist easily when it is ripe enough, if it doesn't twist easily than it isn't ripe enough and you should wait another day.

2. Cut it in half, then into quarters.

3. With each quarter, take a sharp knife and slice out the core.

4. Then slice into wedges. If you are serving it for a party you can leave on the skin as it would look more festive. If you are making it into chunks, then you want to slice off the skin off of each wedge.

- If you want pineapple rings, you should invest in a pineapple corer so you can slice, core, and peel a pineapple easily. It makes rings that you can easily have fresh pineapple for that Pineapple Upside Down Cake you have been wanting to make without having to open a can.
- Fresh pineapple tastes better in any desserts, pizza, sweet and sour chicken or pork, and whereever else needs pineapple.
- Much more economical than buying canned pineapple, especially when you get a great deal at the store on fresh pineapples. Costco has the best prices I have found at about $2.99-3.99 each and they have nice big ones.


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