Thursday, August 21, 2008

Get Fizzy With It!

Ever wonder why your pot roast is tough? I once wondered the same thing. I tried meat tenderizer (doesn't work well with roasts as it does with thinner cut meats), the cut of meat, etc and what I found is that something so simple is so effective.

My mom told me to put some soda in with the roast. Soda? yeah soda... I use Coke or Pepsi (or any cola) or Dr. Pepper. When I make my roast in my crock pot, I add about 1/8 cup of soda pop to the liquid I put in the crock pot. I have found that my roast comes out falling apart and the gravy I make from the drippings and juice is richer than usual.

Now, when I make a pot roast (I always use my crock pot, I do not do roasts in the oven or dutch oven; they do not turn out for me like I would like using those methods for me anyway) I add the soda and other liquids and spices and let it cook. I have found this effective for beef roasts, I do not need it for pork roasts for some reason. Try it sometime, you will be surprised!


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