Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fun With Cakes (Part 2)

What has the consistency of PlayDoh and tastes like Starburst candy?

Give up?

It is called Candy Clay and I usually get mine at Joanne's Craft Store (formerly Joanne's Fabric Store) or you can get it at anyplace that sells an extensive stock of cake decorating supplies.

This is the picture I took of the cake I used it for a while back. My daughter Nessa had her first birthday cake and this is called the Bear Frolicking in the Meadow cake.


You can make any decoration with this Candy Clay simply by rolling and cutting it either with cookie cutters or freehand (if you are that talented) with an exacto knife. If you cut with just any knife, you could stretch it out of shape and ruin your design; so, you need a very sharp knife to cut intricate details to make any cake or cupcake look fantastic.

The flowers, sun, ladybug, and butterflies are all cut from candy clay. The flower cookie cutters were what I used to cut out the flowers, and I cut the rest out freehand just as I thought about what I wanted on her cake. It takes a bit of time to roll and cut, but hey, if it is for a special occasion cake than who cares, it was well worth the effort when she saw the cake. Not to mention, the ohhhs and ahhhs of the guests who thought I bought the decorations like that and just put them on. Much to their surprise when I told them I made them.

Candy Clay can be used for anything you need. Cakes for any occasion, school cupcakes, bake sale items (it adds pop so that it sells well), or cookies and even candy can be decorated with Candy Clay. And, it tastes good; I had a hard time not eating the clay while I was making the decorations. You can get it in other colors as well other than primary colors. They even sell black and white for over the hill cakes. Which gives me an idea for a cake for my mother-in-law for next year!


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