Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cake Batter Bandit

Ok this is just a funny story that I remembered from about a year and a half ago. I call it the Cake Batter Bandit.

My youngest daughter always wants to help in the kitchen, so she pulls her chair up to the side of the counter and "helps" (if you have a toddler or had a toddler, you know how much they really help LOL). Anyway, I was making a cake for my husband's birthday and it was getting ready to put in the oven. She always wanted to stick her fingers in the batter and I kept having to catch her in the act and tell her no, not now. So in these few pictures you can see how she thought she was getting away with being the Cake Batter Bandit. (You can't tell she was guilty with all the cake batter around her mouth, when I kept asking her if she was eating cake batter, she kept saying "no mommy" yeah right LOL)

First she was looking at me and thinking "who me? no I am not going for the batter, I am just watching it for you"


Then as I turned around to grab the camera (I knew she was going to keep trying and it was starting to get cute because I was like oh well no harm in a little cake batter); she did exactly what I thought she would do. She went for the batter knowing my back was turned and dipped a huge fingerful.


When she realized that she was busted, she gives me the sweet innocent face that only a mother can love (and everyone else as well I think) that I had to just laugh and save that story for later when I can use it to embarrass her as a teenager or something cool like that LOL


Just thought I would share her first funny experience while trying to help cook. Afterall, this blog is about cooking.


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