Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Latest Cakes

In the past couple months, I have been busy with 2 occasions in which I had to make cakes. I had both my daughter's birthday cakes to make within about 10 days of each other.

Here are some pictures of my latest cakes and some of the tips to decorating them.

The first cake was my oldest daughter's cake for her 10th birthday and she is a Hannah Montana fan... a BIG fan! I call this cake the Best of Both Worlds cake and it was double layer sheet cake with one chocolate layer and one white layer. The frosting is just basic buttercream with some tinted purple for the trim and between the layers. The music notes are made with Junior Mints candies with the stems of the notes just piped on. The guitar is made with chocolate bark melted and freehand cut into the shape of a guitar and then decorated. The star is also made with chocolate bark.

The second cake was for my daughter Vanessa's 4th birthday. She is a Dora the Explorer fan and that is what she wanted. So we just went and bought the pan and I made the cake. I just used a basic buttercream icing recipe and tinted it all those colors. The eyes and trim are with a Wilton tip #3, the stars are with Wilton tip #16, and the border was with Wilton tip #21. It took me about 4 hours to frost it but she loved it for her birthday. It was a great success!

Here is the closeup of the face so you can see how intricate it gets piping on those stars for most of the cake.

It was a lot of fun doing these cakes. I also make the cakes for my co-workers monthly birthdays and some of them will be getting creative and I will post the photos from those also. This should be fun!

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MaryBeth said...

Your cakes are adorable...